Benefits of Addiction Treatment Services

Addiction treatment services are geared towards helping addicts overcome their addiction and live clean and sober lives. The benefits of addiction treatment services therefore cannot be ignored. It is worth noting, however, that although there are many substance addicts in the country, only a small percentage of these addicts seek help. This has been attributed to a number of factors.

For starters, it is worth noting that a lot of individuals struggling with substance addictions also suffer from mental illness. Research shows that more than half of alcohol and drug abusers have at least one mental illness.

Individuals with substance abuse problems and mental disorders should be treated in dual diagnosis treatment centers. These centers provide a combined treatment approach that seeks to treat both disorders. However, the country has only a handful of dual diagnosis centers, so many addicts go untreated. Secondly, the addict may be living in denial in relation to his or her addiction problem. It follows that in such a scenario, the addict will continue abusing alcohol or drugs which will make the recovery process difficult.

Benefits of Addiction Treatment Services

Other factors that are attributed to the small number of addicts seeking treatment include lack of knowledge on where to get help and lack of support from friends or relatives. There are many benefits to using addiction treatment services. For starters, the addict is helped in the process of beating his or her addiction. With addiction treatment services, the addict undergoes a number of treatment therapies and programs which help him or her to recover. One important treatment program offered in addiction treatment facilities is detoxification.

In detoxification, the addict stays for a certain period of time without taking alcohol or drugs. Withdrawal symptoms arising from the detoxification process are treated medically thus helping the addict to embark on the next stage of treatment. The second stage of treatment encompasses various therapies.

These therapies are aimed at helping the addict live an alcohol or drug free life. Moreover, these therapies are important in inculcating life skills in the addict. These skills go a long way in helping the individual interact with others once outside the treatment center. These life skills are instrumental in helping the individual restore and rebuild relations with family members and relatives.

Cognitive behavioral therapy helps the addict to identify the factors which led to the addiction. The addict is then helped to overcome these factors. Secondly, the addict is helped in developing coping techniques. These techniques are instrumental in helping the addict avoid relapse. Another important therapy offered in these addiction treatment services is group therapy. Group therapy enhances the interaction skills of the addict in social settings. Moreover, the addict is helped to identify and break damaging addiction patterns.

Other treatment programs and therapies offered in addiction treatment services include short term and long term residential treatment programs, group therapy and motivational enhanced therapy among others. Secondly addiction treatment facilities are also beneficial to the family members and friends of the addict.

Addiction treatment services provide a number of counseling sessions and therapies aimed at helping the addict’s loved ones to understand and encourage the addict during the recovery process. Secondly, these therapies and counseling sessions assist in improving relations between the addict and his or her family members and friends. It can thus be concluded that the benefits of addiction treatment services are not only appreciated by the addict but also by those around him or her.