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Drug and alcohol abuse has wrecked many homes not only in the US but around the world. The widespread abuse of alcohol and drugs can easily be attributed to the widespread availability of these substances. In addition to that, many countries have lax drug laws. In those countries drug traffickers and smugglers do not get the harsh sentences they deserve once they have been apprehended. Moreover, these laws do not expressly address the issue of addiction treatment and how to help those who are victims of drug abuse.

It follows that many alcohol and drug addicts are not guaranteed support during addiction treatment. Some of the most commonly abused drugs include meth, cocaine, heroin and crack, but there are many others. It is also worth noting that alcoholism is a major problem affecting almost all age groups in many countries around the world. Alcohol or drug abuse has a number of negative effects on the addict’s life. For starters, abuse affects the health of the individual in a major way. Addicts often lose their appetite for food since all they desire is alcohol or drugs.

Addiction Treatment Services

It so follows that the individual won’t eat properly and this will lead to a strain on the body. In addition to that, the use of these substances may lead to other fatal diseases which include cancers and cirrhosis among others. In instances of prolonged and heavy substance abuse, the individual may die. Secondly, alcohol and drug abuse has a negative impact on the psychological well-being of the addict. Drugs or alcohol abuse tend to change the emotional state of the individual.

Consequently, the body adapts to the state of drug use. It so follows that the addict must continue taking alcohol or drugs so as to achieve the new state of ‘normality’ for the body. Failure to do so leads to a situation whereby the body experiences withdrawal symptoms. Some of these withdrawal symptoms include confusion, anxiety and panic attacks among others. In instances whereby the individual withholds from using the drug for a long period, he or she may experience bouts of depression, hallucinations and psychosis. Thirdly, drug or alcohol abuse has a negative impact on the individual’s social life.

Alcohol and drug abuse leads to a situation whereby the addict neglects other vital aspects of life such as family and friends. In cases of severe addiction, the individual may experience social dysfunction whereby relationships between his or her family and friends totally break down. The individual may also lose his or her job. However it is prudent to note that this situation can be reversed if the individual is willing to break the addiction. The first step involves joining an addiction treatment service. There are numerous addiction treatment services across the nation treating different kinds of addiction.

Moreover, there are many specialized addiction treatment services that cater for people with special needs. Many of the addiction treatment services are funded by the federal and state governments. These treatment services provide subsidized treatment to addicts who do not have insurance or cannot afford high cost treatment facilities. The second type of addiction treatment services is private treatment services. It is worth noting that addiction treatment services provide a wide range of programs and therapies to assist recovering addicts.


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